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LOW FUEL – Wakeboarding in Lucerne 4K Movie

LOW FUEL – Wakeboarding in Lucerne 4K Movie

Lake Luzern offers execptional opportunities to perform a variety of water sports. Clear water surrounded by the breathtaking backround of the mountains, swiss towns and the city of Luzern are what make this lake one of a kind. These qualities are what inspired the makers of this film to produce a highly professional wakeboeard short-movie and to bring you the very best of wakeboarding on Lake Luzern.

LOW FUEL presents you with a combination of wakeboard lifestyle, professional jumps, and the spectacular scenery of Lake Luzern.

This film is not just for those interested in wakeboarding but for everyone who’s curiosity rises when hearing about it. The focus if the film is the artistic combination of this athletic water sport and the scerene stage on which it takes place, in the middle of nature, on Lake Luzern.

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