My fascination with photography is capturing moments, where others collapse.

I grew up in a little village in the heart of Switzerland from where I moved to the world-famous city, Lucerne. This beautiful spot next to the Swiss Alps inspires me every single day to realize projects in sports photography and where I can recharge one’s batteries.

If I am not taking pictures, I work as a customer consultant for photographers at the prestigious company Light + Byte AG, in Zürich. The recurring and sometimes quite intense contact with other photographers allows me to network and make use of synergies for new ideas and projects.

I have been known as a photographer who takes the freedom and time to realize pictures, which are technically challenging. My photographs reflect the energy expelled by the subjects and seem to make the impossible possible. My clients appreciate this and therefore leave me with the freedom of decision-making. Due to my perfectionism I always ensure the delivery of a high-quality result. I highly value the direct contact and exchange with the subject in front of the camera. I find it most essential to portray the person in a manner that she would like to see herself in the picture.

Danny Schneider, one of the world’s most famous custom-bike-builder, gave me my start with a shoot for Monster Energy. My work for this big company did not remain undetected. Within a very short time, I got the chance to realize several bigger projects for sophisticated Swiss Customers. Other exciting projects include photography done in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Hungary and North America.

Currently I am working in the area of advertising, portrait photography, music and sports. - And tomorrow?